Starting An e-Commerce Company in Singapore

starting an ecommerce business in singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore’s online-based enterprises have grown rapidly in recent years, to the point that they now generate billions of dollars annually. According to a report by Facebook and management consultancy Bain & Company, the country’s e-Commerce income is expected to reach US$10 billion (S$13.4 billion) by the end of 2026. In case […]

Starting An F&B Company in Singapore

starting an fnb company

Food is a vital part of any culture, but do you know exactly what it takes to establish a food and beverage business in Singapore? Singapore is regarded as a foodie’s paradise by both locals and visitors. According to a recent analysis by Food Industry Asia (FIA) in 2020, Singapore’s food and beverage industry provides […]

Appointing An Auditor

appointing an auditor

In Singapore, all companies are required to appoint an auditor after three months of incorporation unless they are exempted under the Company Act. It is vital that the company appoints an auditor not only because it is mandatory but also to ensure that the company complies with the tax laws and that all financial records […]

Appointing A Nominee Shareholder

appointing nominee shareholder

The appointment of a Nominee Shareholder commences after the incorporation and documentation of a company’s information. The Nominee Shareholder’s name will appear on the incorporation documents under the shareholder’s details. The Nominee Shareholder is chosen to keep the beneficial shareholder’s information away from public records. But, he is required to file an Annual Return to […]

Appointing A Nominee Director

appointing nominee director

Singapore is a lucrative investment hub for foreign investors. While you can surely enjoy all the perks of a favourable business environment in the region, there are a few restrictions in terms of access for foreign investors. For this reason, having a minimum of one local director who is a citizen or permanent resident of […]

Appointing A Company Secretary

appoint company secretary

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority has made it compulsory for Singapore companies to appoint a company secretary within six months of company incorporation. Section 171 of the Companies Act states that company secretaries are in charge of several reporting and administrative functions. They handle core responsibilities such as share transfer, member registration, filing annual […]

Appointing A Local Director

appointing local director

It is required for every company in Singapore to appoint a local director. Under the Companies Act, businesses must register their directors with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) along with the following information: Full name Residential address Identification Nationality Appointment date and Cessation of appointment date. Director’s signed copy of the declaration of consent. […]