Corporate Secretary

Debunking Corporate Secretary Myths

There’s no denying that Singapore continues to be the best country to incorporate and start a business in all of Southeast Asia. As a result,

Appointing An Auditor

In Singapore, all companies are required to appoint an auditor after three months of incorporation unless they are exempted under the Company Act. It is

Appointing A Nominee Shareholder

The appointment of a Nominee Shareholder commences after the incorporation and documentation of a company’s information. The Nominee Shareholder’s name will appear on the incorporation

Appointing A Nominee Director

Singapore is a lucrative investment hub for foreign investors. While you can surely enjoy all the perks of a favourable business environment in the region,

Appointing A Company Secretary

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority has made it compulsory for Singapore companies to appoint a company secretary within six months of company incorporation. Section

Appointing A Local Director

It is required for every company in Singapore to appoint a local director. Under the Companies Act, businesses must register their directors with Accounting &