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Pocket Secretary

$498per annum

  • Suitable for all types of SMEs

  • 1 year comprehensive secretarial services

  • AGM preparation

  • Annual Filing ($60 Annual Filing fee with ACRA excluded)

  • Includes non-routine secretarial services (subject to terms and conditions)

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The following tasks and activities will be covered under the scope of our comprehensive Annual Secretary plan:

Routine Secretarial Works:

  •  Acting as qualified company secretary
  • Safekeeping and maintaining of statutory registers
  • Preparation of AGM related documents
  • Advisory on corporate compliance matters
  • Filing of Annual Return to ACRA (exclude $60 ACRA filing fees)
  • Reminder of filing due dates
Prepare Director/Members Resolutions only for the following Non-Routine Secretarial works:

  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Change of Signatories
  • Closing Bank Account
  • Transfer of share between existing shareholders
  • Changes of Company Secretary, or Director or Auditors
  • Change of Registered address
  • Change of Financial Year End with ACRA & IRAS
  • SSIC Change / Update Personal Status
  • Allotment of new shares to existing individual shareholders
  • Change of Company Name
Covered (up to 2 changes per annum)

A nominal fee of between $50-$100 will be chargeable for additional changes (3rd change onwards).

Other Secretarial Works

  • Allotment and share transfer to new shareholders (individual or corporate)
  • Convene Physical AGM
  • EGM Matters
  • Company Strike Off
  • Capital Reduction exercise
  • Special Audit
  • Director/Members Resolution to approve director loans, opening
  • Appointment of Company Representatives for Corporate Shareholders
  • Other ad-hoc matters
To be quoted separately

The above fees listed exclude ACRA fees, penalties, IRAS stamp duty and 3rd party expenses. Fees are charged per person basis and not per transaction basis.

Sara+, At Your Service

We understand that our Pocket Secretary Plan may not be the best tool for every client, and some of you still prefer the traditional way.

Introducing HeySara+ Plan, where all you need is to top up a S$200 to enjoy a dedicated corporate secretary who can assist you with all your queries.

This add-on service is suitable for:

  • Clients who prefer to call and speak with real humans, rather than dealing with automated self-service platforms
  • Clients who are not too IT-savvy and may have difficulty working with an Mobile Application
  • Foreign Clients who prefer speaking to us directly in other languages (e.g. in Chinese or Malay)

Advantages of Sara+ (Additional $200 per annum):

  • Dedicated Account Manager to assist you on all your Corporate Secretarial Needs
  • Dedicated number for you to call or text us, and attend to all your queries
  • Priority Service and Priority Response
  • Continued access to our Pocket Secretary Platform for occasional self-enquiry, if needed
  • Discounted membership to our Heysara Co-working office facility

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A corporate secretary (or company secretary) is responsible for the administrative work of a company, ranging from reporting and updating of company information on ACRA to preparing the agenda for annual general meetings (AGMs) and recording minutes of the AGM.

The responsibilities a corporate secretary undertakes include:

  1. Updating and filing with ACRA
  2. Maintenance and upkeep of statutory registers
  3. Preparation of board meetings and AGMs
  4. Miscellaneous services like:
    • Reminders of filing deadlines
    • Ensure the safekeeping and proper use of the company seal
    • Monitoring shareholder register and movement of shareholders
    • Maintaining shareholder relations

Yes, you do! Every Singapore company is required under the Companies Act, Cap. 50 to hire a company secretary within the first 6 months after incorporation. This position cannot be vacant for more than 6 months at any one time.

If you’d like to. However, note that there are certain qualifications to be a corporate secretary, as well as requirements such as you need to be either a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. If you are the director of the company, take note that you can’t be both the sole director and corporate secretary.

It is often costly for SMEs to hire their own in-house corporate secretary, and unless your company is big, the person appointed may not have enough secretarial things to do during office hours. Therefore, through outsourcing to HeySara, a professional firm like us, you will be saving both time and money.

At HeySara, we are dedicated in saving your time, and money. With our own integrated mobile app, you can make any corporate request in just a few clicks. View the progress of the changes online anytime, anywhere and rest assured that all your data are securely stored. It is easy, and hassle-free.

With the help of our AI platform, everything can be done efficiently, which is why our rates are so affordable.

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Yes you can! And the best part, you don’t need to do a thing! We will make the transfer easy and hassle-free.

We will personally contact your current provider, take over all the documents, register and process the necessary paperwork for you.

In the even your former secretary do not respond, we will prepare the necessary removal documents for you to sign so that the changes can proceed smoothly. Either way, just sit back and relax, knowing your corporate secretarial work is in HeySara’s good hands.

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Ready to switch? We will make the transfer easy and hassle-free. We will personally contact your current provider, take over all the documents and register and process the necessary paperwork. Even if your former secretary do not respond, the procedure can still proceed smoothly. Either way, just sit back and relax, knowing your secretarial work is in good hands.

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