Set up a company in Singapore without needing to leave your home.

With the option between a Private Limited Company and a LLP, we can help you incorporate your company in less than an hour.

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Private Limited Company

A popular choice which meets most entrepreneurs’ needs. Enjoy limited liability, tax exceptions for startups and a capacity of max. 50 shareholders in this entity.

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I am a foreigner

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP offers high flexibility and protection from legal liabilities dealt by co-partners. Enjoy the relief from secretarial and other administrative work otherwise required for private limited companies.

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Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore gives you access to the expanding markets of the Asia-Pacific region. In Singapore, the taxes are low, the quality of life is high, and the legislation favors foreign businesses! It is the perfect country to start a business!

For the incorporation, you will need to prepare the following information:

  • Company name
  • Directors’ particulars
  • Shareholders’ particulars

We will provide the following:

  • Corporate Secretary particulars
  • Nominee Director particulars (if required)
  • Local address (if required)
  • Company Constitution

Once all the documents are ready, it can take us less than an hour to register a company.

Yes! With amazing tax benefits, friendly government policies and an easy incorporation process, Singapore is one of the top popular country in Asia for foreign entrepreneurs to open or expand their business.

However, you can’t file the paperwork yourself and must engage a certified agency like HeySara to register your business. Our professionals will handle your application smoothly and you only need to fly to Singapore to open a bank account. The rest can be managed online. If you are intending to relocate to Singapore, we can even help you with the work pass application process.

Read more on our Company Incorporation for Foreigners here.

At HeySara, we are dedicated in saving your time, and money. Our experienced professionals will assure you a smooth and quick registration process.

With our own integrated HeySara mobile app, you can make any corporate request in just a few clicks. View the progress of the changes online anytime, anywhere and rest assured that all your data are securely stored. It is easy, and hassle-free.

With the help of our AI platform, everything can be done efficiently, which is why our rates are so affordable.

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