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HeySara has been really effective in serving my family’s company incorporation needs and I thank the team especially Kylle & Xinyi for their dedication and responsiveness in making things happen. Everything was done efficiently and digitally without the need to meet up physically at all. Best of all, it is value for the buck! Will definitely recommend them!

Shawn D'Cotta

Shin Yee has been most professional in assisting me in my incorporation of the company. She is most knowledgeable and for things that she needs to find out, she's proactive on it and turnarounds fast. It's really a breeze working with her.

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Yujin Tan

Through my friend Dylan, I get to know Heysara Secretariat Services. I am happy to say Heysara's team is very professional and efficient. Registration of my company was very easy and simple. I will highly recommend HeySara to anyone who is looking for easy and efficient incorporation of a company.

gold miners networkk
Gold Miners Network

I first reached out to the company via their WhatsApp number, didn’t expect much nor how efficient they are. We had a meeting with Kylle just within the week, and she was very informative and helpful with our tax filing and company secretary issues. Not only did she offer us the most suitable solution, but also the most cost-efficient one. Given I am a small business owner, she was the first one to tell me about government subsidies specifically for migrating my bookkeeping digitally. Strongly recommend their service.

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Kinty Zhou

Hi, Just to feedback that Shin Yee had been excellent is serving us in the past 1 year. She had been very responsive and had helped us along with documentation and approvals in forming my company last year. Thank you!

Terence Yeo

I came across HeySara as I was looking for an affordable and reliable company that can help us with our business operations in Singapore. I am so happy with their service because it is personalized and Shin Ye is very professional and patient in answering my questions! more power to shin ye and to HeySara.

Kristine Tagle

I've had a great first year after incorporating my company using HeySara as my corporate secretary. Kylle and Shin Yee have been nothing but professional and super helpful with answering my questions and helping me along the way as a first-time entrepreneur.

Carl Christian Bentzrød

HeySara was quite fast and responsive in helping to set up my new company and offers other suggestions to help new business owners like myself get to grips with the intricacies of setting up the company. Thanks, Kylle and Xinyi for the work done!

Song Yong Lee

The process of incorporating a company was quick and fuss-free. Kylle and Xin Yi were professional and communicative thoughout.

Rina Lee

Thanks to HeySara for helping me with my company incorporation.Very much Satisfied with your service.Special thanks to Kylle and Shin Yee.

Sandhya Yuvaraj

One-stop solution. Anything to do with New Company... Formation, Incorporation, Filing Returns, Secretarial work etc, talk to Shin Ye, truly professional and expert in her chosen field. Very soon will call you for your expert advice and professional service for 2 more companies. Thanks a lot. Take care.

Hemang Desai

Great and fast Service. Kylle was very prompt in addressing my queries and getting my company set up! Highly recommended

Andrew Xie
My interaction with Shin Yee at HeySara has been very positive. She has the right professional approach and offers smart yet easy solutions to her clients. Every query of mine is resolved quickly and completely. I strongly recommend Shin Yee to all who seek quality and efficiency in this field.
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Anjna Pratap
Shin Yee @ HeySara was very helpful and patient in helping us migrate our corp sec onto the platform. Three thumbs up!!!
ng nicholas
Ng Nicholas
Hi Kylle Loh and Hannah Lee , After using your company's financial management services, it felt very good and in place. Thanks.
Harry Foo
Shin Yee... a wonderful lady to speak and work with. Very thankful for the extra miles taken to assure me of my taxation matters. Very experienced and responsible. Best regards.
Eric Ng
Business Owner
Kylle Loh is very helpful and responsive to our queries. She’s also very prompt in her follow-up.
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Jeffery Long
Kylle had been a great help as I had no experience in engaging such a service. She also shared her advice with me so that I had a better understanding moving forward. The engagement was a breeze, and I had also received swift assistance from Shin Yee. The guide and assistance provided were simplified for me when I had zero experience. The app provided is also very user-friendly. Thank you two for your help!
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Sarah Tan
HeySara has been providing me with high standards of corporate solutions. Have been very pleased with Shin Yee's personalised services and the amount of her commitment is definitely commendable. I would surely recommend HeySara!
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Biswajit chowdhury
The team at HeySara is professional, efficient and provide sound business advice. I highly recommend HeySara to any new business owner who needs a smooth and seamless on-boarding process for business registration, and requisite submissions (including annual submission). Thank you Kylle and Team HeySara - keep up the great work!!!
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Genevieve Lau
Ms Kylle and the team are really helpful and answered my concerns very well. For start-ups, this is a good choice.
Quinnie Ng