Dormant Company

dormant company

A dormant company in Singapore is a company that has been registered but has not received any income or transactions. A dormant company can be beneficial if you have plans or intentions to set up a company now to use it in the future; or if you want to take a break from your business. […]

Setting Up A Family Office

setting up a family office in singapore

Singapore is one of the most important financial centres in South-East Asia. It has become a favourite choice for many high-net-worth families looking to manage their global assets and investments. Hence, family offices have become a popular asset-management vehicle amongst them. They prove to be the most valuable resource. Between 2017 and 2020, the number […]

Company Limited by Guarantee


In Singapore, forming a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) is a simple and cost-effective process. For foreign nationals or entities in the city, starting a CLG is one of the most popular options for a non-profit organisation. CLGs are not suited for members seeking a return on their assets through distributions such as dividends because […]

Foreign Companies in Singapore: Subsidiary, Branch Office, and Representative Office

foreign company and representative office

In Asia, Singapore flaunts a reputation as a lucrative business hub and strategic gateway for foreign companies who wish to establish or consolidate their business in the region. While its strategic location, conducive environment, and highly developed infrastructure attract many foreign investors, the country has much more to offer. One of the best reasons to […]

Types of Local Public Companies in Singapore


In a world brought together by technology and fast transportation, businessmen and investors are always looking for new ventures and investment options. A market that has time and time again proven to be quite the successful market in Singapore. And while part of the success can be attributed to the taxation structure and the geographical […]