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What are the non-routine secretarial services?

Let’s discuss in detail the non-routine services that can be provided by a Company Secretary.

Bank Related Issues

The Company Secretary can offer you assistance with opening a corporate bank account, change of bank signatories, or when you want to close your bank account. Read more on how to open a corporate bank account in Singapore.

Director’s Resolution

A Directors Resolution is a formal document that accounts for the decisions, implementation of new terms, and intentions of the company’s board members. It authorizes committees to take action on matters that the board voted on.

A Directors’s Resolution is required for the following issues:

  • Appointment or resignation of the officers in the company (e.g., Company Secretary, Director, Auditors)
  • Transfer of Shares or selling company assets
  • Change of registered address
  • Change of Beneficial Owners, Nominee Director, and Registrable Controllers.
  • Change of Principal Business Activity
  • Change of Fiscal Year
  • Change of Company Name

Shareholder’s Meeting Document (EGM/AGM)

A Company Secretary can be critical when business owners need help with simplified filing of Annual Return and Annual General Meeting. In addition, they can assist in increasing paid-up capital, issuing new shares, and allotment of new shares.

Huge businesses often encounter problems with the Amendment of Articles of Association. Regardless of how complex the case is, a Company secretary is well-equipped to resolve the issue.
In addition, they can also attend the meeting by Corporate Secretary or representative and record the meeting minutes. A Company Secretary can also help business owners with the appointment or resignation of Shareholders and when they need to declare dividends.


Here are a few more non-routine services that a Company Secretary can offer to companies:

  • Declaration of interim dividends – Companies often payout dividends to shareholders as a way to provide a return on their investment.
  • Preparing profit & loss and balance Sheets for dormant companies – This allows investors and creditors to know how effectively a company’s management uses its resources.
  • Filing of errors.
  • Statutory audit checks with the auditor – This ensures that the company provides a fair and accurate representation of its financial position.

Not just that, you can also count on a Company Secretary when you need a compilation of unaudited financial statements & corporate tax filing (for Exempt Private Companies). Find out how to choose a company secretary in Singapore.

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