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Singapore has long been a beacon for global talent, offering a vibrant economy, world-class infrastructure, and a high standard of living. To further cement its status as a global hub for innovation and expertise, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has introduced the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE Pass). This initiative is designed to attract highly skilled foreign professionals and enhance Singapore’s competitive edge in the global market.

What is the ONE Pass?

The ONE Pass is a new work visa designed to bring in top-tier international talent. It targets individuals who are not only leaders in their respective fields but also those who can contribute significantly to Singapore’s economic growth and innovation landscape. This pass offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for skilled professionals considering a move to Singapore.

Key Benefits of the ONE Pass

Extended Duration

One of the standout features of the ONE Pass is its five-year validity period. Other work visas often require renewal every one to two years, which can be a cumbersome process involving considerable paperwork and uncertainty. In contrast, the extended duration of the ONE Pass provides both professionals and their families with a stable foundation for long-term planning. This stability is particularly beneficial for those looking to establish deep roots in Singapore, allowing them to focus on their careers and personal lives without the frequent disruptions associated with visa renewals.

Exemption from Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) and Fair Consideration Framework Job Advertising Requirements

The ONE Pass offers significant procedural advantages by exempting its holders from the COMPASS and Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) job advertising requirements. The exemption from COMPASS, which evaluates employment pass applications based on a points-based system, simplifies the application process, making it faster and more efficient for highly skilled professionals. Additionally, the FCF typically requires employers to advertise job vacancies on the MyCareersFuture.sg portal before hiring a foreigner, but ONE Pass holders are exempt from this requirement, allowing companies to hire them directly without the additional step of job advertisement. These exemptions reduce administrative hurdles, making it easier for top talent to transition smoothly into the Singapore workforce and start contributing immediately.


The ONE Pass offers unparalleled flexibility compared to other work visas. Holders are not restricted to a single employer, which means they can work for multiple companies or even start their own businesses without the need to reapply for a new visa. This flexibility is a significant advantage for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and highly skilled professionals who may have multiple engagements or projects simultaneously. It also encourages a dynamic and innovative workforce, as individuals can move freely between opportunities, fostering greater collaboration and cross-industry innovation.


The ONE Pass is designed with families in mind, recognizing that a professional’s decision to relocate often involves their loved ones. Passholders can bring their spouses and children to Singapore on Dependant’s Pass (DP), and importantly, their dependents are also eligible to work on LOC or study in the country. This family-friendly approach reduces the stress associated with international relocation, as it ensures that the entire family can integrate smoothly into Singaporean society. Access to quality education and employment opportunities for spouses enhances the overall appeal of the ONE Pass, making it a holistic solution for attracting top-tier talent.

No Quota Restrictions

Unlike the Employment Pass, which is subject to quota limitations, the ONE Pass does not have such restrictions. This feature significantly eases the process for highly qualified individuals to secure their place in Singapore’s workforce. The absence of quota restrictions means that as long as candidates meet the eligibility criteria, their applications can be processed without the added complication of competing for a limited number of slots. This openness is particularly appealing to top talent who seek assurance that their transition to Singapore will be seamless and straightforward.

Access to Public Services

ONE Pass holders and their families gain access to Singapore’s world-class public services, including healthcare and education. Singapore’s healthcare system is renowned for its high standards, efficiency, and accessibility, ensuring that pass holders and their dependents receive excellent medical care. The education system, which includes both public and international schools, provides robust learning opportunities for children. Access to these services ensures that families can enjoy a high quality of life, contributing to the overall attractiveness of relocating to Singapore under the ONE Pass scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the ONE Pass, as outlined by the Ministry of Manpower, can be achieved through either the salary criterion or an individual’s outstanding achievements.

Salary Criterion

To qualify under the salary criterion, individuals must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Current Salary: Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 30,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency, within the last year.
  • Future Salary: Will earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 30,000 under their future employer based in Singapore.

For overseas candidates with no active work passes, they must also show that they have been employed by an established company overseas for at least one year or are about to start working for an established company in Singapore.

To be eligible for renewal under the salary criterion, candidates must:

  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 30,000 on average over the past five years in Singapore.
  • Have started and be operating a Singapore-based company that employs at least five locals, each earning at least SGD 5,000 (pegged to the Employment Pass minimum qualifying salary).

Outstanding Achievements Criterion

Candidates who do not meet the salary criterion can qualify based on outstanding achievements in fields such as arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research. The Ministry of Manpower will consider these accomplishments to determine eligibility for the ONE Pass.

Candidates qualifying under the outstanding achievements criterion must provide:

  • Payslips: From the latest month.
  • Supporting Documents for Additional Income: If applicable, provide documents supporting other income sources apart from the fixed monthly salary.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Highlighting key achievements.

Additional Requirements for Academia and Research Track

Candidates applying under the academia and research track should also include:

  • Detailed CV: Listing significant publications, patents, and technology disclosures achieved in the past five years.
  • Endorsement Documents: A recommendation letter, endorsement letter, or a document for a potential position from a local host institution, such as Autonomous Universities or A*STAR.

Application Process

Applying for the ONE Pass is straightforward:

  • Prepare Documentation: Gather all necessary documents that demonstrate your qualifications, achievements, and professional background.
  • Submit Application: Applications can be submitted online through the MOM’s official portal by the candidate or the appointed employment agencies and employers on behalf of their candidate.
  • Review Process: The application will undergo a thorough review by MOM, considering the applicant’s potential to contribute to Singapore’s economy and society.
  • Approval and Issuance: Upon approval, the ONE Pass will be issued, allowing the holder to start their journey in Singapore.

Why Choose Singapore?

Singapore is renowned for its robust economy, strategic location in Asia, and a conducive environment for business and innovation. With its excellent infrastructure, political stability, and strong legal system, it offers a safe and dynamic environment for both work and life. Furthermore, Singapore’s multicultural society and high quality of life make it an attractive destination for professionals from all over the world.


The Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) represents Singapore’s commitment to attracting and retaining the world’s best talent. By offering a blend of flexibility, stability, and access to excellent public services, the ONE Pass is set to become a game-changer in the global competition for skilled professionals. If you are a top-tier professional looking for new opportunities, Singapore beckons with open arms and a wealth of possibilities.

Ready to make the move? Discover more about the ONE Pass and how you can become part of Singapore’s exciting future by visiting the Ministry of Manpower’s official website. Embrace the chance to thrive in one of the world’s most dynamic cities!

Navigating the application process for the ONE Pass can be complex, but a corporate service provider can help streamline the process. They can assist with gathering and submitting the necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and providing valuable advice throughout your transition. Partnering with a corporate service provider can make your move to Singapore smoother and more efficient, allowing you to focus on your new career opportunities and personal growth.

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