Annual Report (AR)

Annual Report (AR) is an annual filing after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held.

All companies, unless exempted, are required to file the AR with ACRA. The current requirement is to file the report within 7 months from your company’s financial year end.

The filing of AR is the responsibility of the company secretary and accountant.

The AR includes:

  • the preparation of financial statements
  • an audit of the financial statements
  • the holding of AGM
  • the filing of estimated chargeable income
  • the filing of annual return with ACRA
  • the filing of annual tax return with IRAS

Filing an Annual Report

The annual report can be filed online to ACRA. It is usually accompanied with a XBRL file, depending on the classification of the company.

A solvent exempt private company (EPC) is not required to file its financial statement together with AR. However, if the EPC is insolvent, it is required to file a financial highlight version of XBRL.