new bizfilelogoBizFile is ACRA’s online platform used for filing and retrieving information. There are more than 300 electronic services offered via BizFile+ like registering a new business, updating particulars of the company if there are any changes, registering a filing agent, or buying business and people profiles.

Who can use BizFile?

Companies and their authorized representatives can log in using their SingPass to use the portal to perform a range of tasks. Only Singapore citizens, PRs, and foreigners with valid work passes can get a SingPass. Foreigners not eligible to get a SingPass would have to engage a filing agent or a company secretary to complete these tasks on their behalf.

Key Features

There are over 300 e-services that individuals can avail of through BizFile. Some of the key features are:

  • Reserving your business name
  • Registering your new company
  • Updating any changes in the company’s particulars or key officers
  • Filing annual returns and other financial statements
  • Inform if there is any new charge over assets in the form of security for a new loan
  • Winding up or striking off your company
  • Buying business information like a company or people profiles, business registers, extracts, and certificates available with ACRA