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SingPass stands for Singapore Personal Access. It is a digital identity for all Singapore citizens and residents that allows them to access over 460 government agencies and businesses with 1,700+ digital services, online and in person. It’s a convenient and secure way to make any transaction involving sensitive data with different government agencies.

Who is eligible for a SingPass?

The following are eligible to apply for a SingPass:

SingPass For Foreigners

Anyone who doesn’t have a Singapore Government-issued ID can apply for a Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) to perform transactions in Singapore. But these users can only access selected digital services provided by the SFA organization.

SingPass App

SingPass App is available for both iOS and Android phones which allows users to log in with their phones and fingerprint or 6-digit passcode.

Through the app one can:

  • Securely access commonly-used government digital services like CPF, HDB, IRAS, and NS Portal.
  • Prove one’s identity over counters in places like SingHealth polyclinics and Republic Plaza.
  • Digitally sign documents.
  • Receive timely notification from government agencies.
  • Perform more everyday transactions.