EP or “Employment Pass”

An Employment Pass (EP) is a Singapore work pass issued to foreign professionals, employees, managers, executives, and owners of directors of Singapore companies. It is open to all nationalities and is usually valid for 2 years with the possibility to renew. With an Employment Pass, you can apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in due course.

Applicant should earn at least S$3,900 per month and have acceptable qualifications. Company employing new EP applicant must also demonstrate that fair consideration has been given to local resident appropriately.

In general if you are an EP holder, you cannot take up any local directorship in other company in Singapore unless the company where you are appointed is either a subsidiary or holding company of the company where the primary EP is applied.

Before being appointed to more than one company, please remember to seek MOM’s approval. If approved, a letter of consent will be given to the EP holder.
Also if there are any change to the particulars (like name, salary, company, nationality, marital status, passport details etc) to the EP holders or your dependants, please remember to update the same with MOM electronically.