Companies Act (Cap. 50)

The Companies Act (Chapter 50) is an Act relating to companies that are incorporated in Singapore. It was enacted in 1967 and has gone through multiple amendments since then. 

What does the Companies Act Cover?

The Companies Act covers the rules and regulations, the definition of different terms, and exceptions governing all the companies in Singapore.

It contains all provisions of all aspects, from company incorporation, management to winding up. It also prescribes monetary fines and terms of imprisonment for failing to abide by the law.

There are different sections in the act covering topics like:

  • Types of companies;
  • Mandatory company particulars like company name, registered office address, and contact numbers;
  • Company directors and shareholders and their share capital;
  • Company Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, and obligations related to filing annual returns;
  • Winding up or striking off a company;
  • Restoration of a company.


Companies Act:

Subsidiary Legislation under Companies Act: